in tune

Tonight I’m going to sing in a concert on a patio at a cafe with two very good friends.  The sky is threatening with stark grey clouds, but I’m not afraid.  I’ve found that the most precious memories are usually made when plans change.

This is probably going to be the last concert we do for these same wonderful people.  Brothers and sisters are leaving, I am leaving, things are changing.  But I think I’m caught up in the middle of a change that I never expected to be anything but painful, and it has turned out to be one of the most fulfilling transitions I’ve ever experienced.  God works like that…in mysterious ways…

Mystery.  That is the thought of the day.  I can’t believe how much my focus is shifting – I had always found my personal value in how well I could perform in music, school, etc. That has slowly but surely been disappearing, and this week it has been scared away altogether.  My motivations come from a desire to please my Creator and to prepare to be the instrument He wants me to be.  I’m discovering that my old desires really aren’t my desires any more unless they’re the Lord’s desires. Because for me to live is Christ.

I’m excited for today, simply because it is today.  The God Who Opens My Eyes, The God Who Sees Me, El Roi, envelop me in glory and love as You ever elude my understanding.

(Gen 16:13)


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