i know what you’ll say…

Certain songs take me certain places.

“In Your Hands,” Bebo Norman, takes me to my freshman year of high school when I was first learning to be in love with God and horses, when nothing was the matter.

“Concerning Hobbits,” Howard Shore, takes me to the Barrells’ green, green, magical woods where I spent so many hours of my childhood dreaming about a far-off world. To camp-outs and Sherwood Green and Tengwar and maple syrup and dark, empty silos filled only with music.

“Fix You,” Coldplay, takes me to dancing down the streets of Chicago my first semester of school; to drumming on my steering wheel with Andy and Courtney on our way to Alpha from church on a spring day; to a carful of people singing 5-part harmony in a stick-shift in Hicksville.

When I long for those times, I listen to those songs.  And in a mysterious way, I can re-experience the joy.

There are certain songs that define my past week or two. (Including the title of this entry…) I think God has taken their human-crafted melodies and stirred them in with His divine love and presence, and poured them, pure, over my head.  Something within me just sings when I hear them. I am stirred.  I am worshipping. And it is wonder-full.

Yesterday a very dear friend told me, “You’ve tasted the extraordinary.  Don’t be satisfied with the merely ordinary.”

There are times ahead in my life when I’m afraid of getting stuck back in the ordinary.  My prayer right now is that, in those times, I will be able to dwell on the goodness He is lavishing upon me right now. And it will take me back to the extraordinary I am now experiencing.

Because He’s just so good.


2 thoughts on “i know what you’ll say…

  1. i’m upset that no songs that remind you of me were posted. or that fix you doesn’t also make you think of me.

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