casseroles, cafes, and cloudless skies.

One of the most beautiful things about these days is that I have nothing to do with them.  I prayed for this, I prayed for a revival in my own heart and a renewed passion for God and the things of God.  Really didn’t expect this at all. Didn’t do anything to merit it.  If you want to see what grace looks like, hopefully the joy on my face will shine a little like Moses’ when he came back down the mountain.

Sitting in the Bakafe with a blueberry muffin and a Grown Up Soda (Ginger ale, in case you were wondering.  Not usually my default, but Aaron told me it was good.) is just a little reminder that God loves to bless His people in a personal and real way.  There’s not a standard basis on which the Father decides to gift His children…some need to be in a relationship, some need to be single, some need affluence, some need to be needy, some need a car, some need to take the bus, some need canvas, some need inspiration, some need city lights, some need open fields, some just need a crust of bread, some need blueberry muffins and Grown Up Soda. I’m a big fan of these things.  He knows that really well.

He knows the gift that will mean the most to me, both now and in the future.  He knows me better than I know myself and gives me flowers that look like ugly green bulbs. “But I want those pretty, bright ones over there!”  Why do I keep forgetting that those “ugly” orbs, when cultivated and allowed to open, will turn into the most beautiful of flowers? That when I reject them, I reject the sweet gentleness that was crafted exactly for me, with all my quirks, desires, dreams, and loves?

You know those friends who understand you so well, who have been around for a while and have seen you grow, who can relate and go way deeper than you thought they could?

Yep…me too.

I’m going to miss them so intensely.  It looks like an ugly green bulb from here.

But I know for certain that it is not.  My God doesn’t make anything less than glorious.

That said, I’m going to live like I’m overflowing with expectation, overflowing with godly desires, overflowing with wonder, overflowing with praise for an incomprehensible God, and overflowing with love.

Because I sure am.


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