togethering. ha.

^ phrase coined by the church at the 509, a commune-type gathering in Huntington, Indiana. It’s kind of an emergent word. I joke about using it, but it’s becoming part of my vocabulary.  Wuh-oh.

There are some people, though, who are just really easy to “together” with.  Today I laid out under a blue sky in the spring breeze and watched a kite(s) fly over my head.  Freedom in Christ.  Fellowship.  Golden sunlight.  Then homemade cookies, tea, vulnerability, and encouragement in a cozy kitchen. Beautiful.

Today had its hard moments…a few minutes after chapel, that three-hour chem exam, a moment of dischord with a friend. But God is the Restorer of all things.  He is the Comforter, the Renewer, the Renovator. He’s the best-ever at it, too.  I sure do love Him.

Sidebar: I’m making a list of things I want to do this summer:

– learn the basics of how to play cello. Seems preposterous, but I’m determined. Ian’s got connections.

– get a little more into philosophy. Including much more reading. Kant has intrigued me.

– spend more time at the beach, especially with Gracies who will be near for the summer.  w00t!

– explore new musical boundaries on piano, including composing, please!

– take way more pictures, and figure out exactly how my camera works.

– learn shorthand, for real this time.

– run a 5k.

– etc.

I think these are legitimate/reasonable.  More to come soon. Suggestions welcomed.

Have an extra-ordinary day.

No, I really mean it.


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