thoughts on the disappearance of days and weeks.

Days and weeks disappear awfully fast, don’t they.  When I consider how quickly the past month of work has gone, I can’t even comprehend it.  Where have all my hours gone?  Many have been spent working under florescent lights in air-conditioned rooms with blue carpeting. Many have been spent in the sweet sleep of a laborer. The hours in-between?  Eating dinner…reading Tozer…spending time with people who are important to me…pretty vague.

That’s just it.  I’ve been treating them as in-between hours. “Ok, this is nice, but tomorrow I’m going to have to get up and do this all again.”  And then when I get to work I think of how fun it would be to hit the beach or the hammock with a good book and some lemonade.  I sound a bit like Milo at the opening of The Phantom Tollbooth – wherever he was, he wished he were somewhere else.

Ewww.  That is NOT the life God has for this child. No, sir.  He gives the hours, He orders the days, and there is not one hour, not one minute, not one second that is “in-between,” that just happens to be sandwiched between two great hours or minutes or seconds.  Each and every moment is grand and filled with wonder and bursting with life. As I learned yet again this week, God is always there, He’s just waiting for us to open our eyes to the wonder all around.  It’s there…just on the other side of the glass, if you’ll only please, please look and soak and surrender and……enjoy.

Sweet communion is one prayer away. Agh, if only I could remember that every moment, instead of treating them like in-betweens. I’ll get it someday.  He’s not finished with me yet.

So much is happening to me. I wish I wrote sooner, so there wouldn’t be so much to fill in.  I probably won’t even be able to, because nowadays, each day is its own adventure. But stay tuned. He’s up to something.


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