organic yogurt and cappuccinos.

The realization that you’re not as cool as you thought you were is a great feeling.

I have been so thankful the past few days for the Church–not just for the local body, but also for the Idea that God created people to need one another.  We’re not a bunch of wandering individuals, we belong to each other and when we come together in love, we somehow reflect a facet of the Person of God that we could never do otherwise.

The thing that excites me the most about the Church is that it’s made up of a bunch of people all doing different things. Open their pantries, their garages, their dresser drawers, and you’re sure to find big differences.  The really exciting thing is that each little nuance fits into this incredibly complex picture of how the Body of Christ functions. It’s crazy. When I get glimpses of it, I can’t help but be excited about being a part of something so huge.

So, yesterday I was walking through Au Naturel, the local health-food store, to pick up some organic yogurt.  As Strawberry Fields Forever came on, and the smell of barley flour and grapeseed oil filled my nose, I had an unexpected realization that I always thought it would be cool to be one of those gals who wears sun dresses and listens to the Shins and buys organic yogurt.

But I actually never thought more about becoming that sort of person.  I really love wearing dresses in the summer. And I dig the Shins’ groovy lo-fi pop. And my family and I have been hooked on organic yogurt this summer, but the grocery store was out of it. I sure wasn’t trying to be that girl, but somehow a bunch of things in my life have added together that way.

My drawn-out point is, I was just doing the things I love to do and wound up where I wanted to be before.

A couple weeks ago my friend ordered a cappuccino at a café. He’s pretty hip, so I decided to try one, too. I honestly didn’t really like it, but I drank it anyway because it came in a hip mug and had lot of hip-looking foam. I had to order decaf anyway, so it was just kind of nast. My motives came from the wrong place.  And the results got cold as I sampled a much better caffeinated version of that elusively hip espresso drink.

You see, I was trying, if even in a tiny way, to be cooler than I really am. And it wasn’t so great.

All I’m trying to say, without delving into the trite-individualistic-Generation Me-attitude is, just be obedient and do what you love to do.  God gave you specific desires and needs, and specific ways to enjoy the world around you. Stereotypes are full of people going with the flow for the sake of the flow. And I say to you, the flow is not all that great.

What the church needs is a bunch of people doing what they love to do for the sake of the thing, who in doing so serve the bigger picture and fit into the wonderfully complex Body of believers–some of whom like organic yogurt, some of whom like cappuccinos, and some of whom like neither. That is just okay. In fact, it’s one of the greatest and most exciting mysteries.


2 thoughts on “organic yogurt and cappuccinos.

  1. I am in such agreement with every word you wrote. I was on this same train of thought recently, and y’know it’s so good to have a brain sister.

  2. I like this post a lot. It sums up a lot of what I’ve felt when I’ve heard someone say “Oh that’s out” or “Oh that’s been done”…you know what? I don’t care! I am blissfully not-caring. I like it anyway, and it is part of me, and that is Good.

    Also, I like you and your sundresses. They make me smile real big.

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