so much.

There is a much bigger world out there than you and I realize.

Not just moons and galaxies and planets and other solar systems and black holes.  Those things are glorious because they declare the handiwork of God. But I am speaking of the deeper world, the way things really are, the way things really work.

So many things hamper our ever getting to see that Reality. Asphalt, conveyor belts, lottery tickets, drive-thru lines, paper money, florescent lights. These things have a twisted way of making us think that the world is all about asphalt, conveyor belts, lottery tickets, drive-thru lines, paper money, florescent lights: that these things are what make up the Real World, and don’t let any Spiritualist with his head in the clouds tell you there’s more here. They say, “Just wait. Heaven will be great, but there’s none of that nice, solid stuff here on this earth.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is nothing further from the truth.  When the Master created this world, He planted trees and made rivers flow and breathed the wind. It all works together in such a terrifyingly perfect way {despite what we’ve done to it}.  It’s full of color and depth and elusiveness, but it’s also simple enough on the surface for a child to love. The further in you go, the bigger it is {thank you, Lewis…}.

And if that isn’t enough, we humans are somehow woven into the marvelous tapestry of the universe, and the Lord of Lords came down to us in our own form to save us from the mess we’d made of the world and to fulfill purposes me may never understand.  And then He says He loves us, and that His Spirit enters us and works through us for purposes so much bigger than we can comprehend.

The Old and New Testaments are full of this explodingly awesome {in the true sense of the word} grandiose story.  It sounds made-up — but in reality, it’s the backbone of every other good story you’ve ever read.

And here we sit, you and me, right in the midst of it all. Fancy that.  Muse on it for a while, and Joy just might overtake you. And this beautiful world is just a type and a shadow of the greatness to come.

Don’t you ever, ever, think that asphalt, conveyor belts, lottery tickets, drive-thru lines, paper money, florescent lights have anything to do with Reality. They can either eclipse your view…

…or you can look through them, through everything around you, and see the glorious story unfolding every single moment.

Don’t be afraid. Your help comes from the Lord, who made Heaven and Earth.


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