taste and see.

I was just wondering what it would be like if I had to choose only one sense to have: seeing, hearing, or tasting/smelling.

If I chose seeing, life would be reduced to a photograph, like one of those photographs you see and you wish with all your heart that you could set foot there for even one moment, just to take it all in. But there would be no hope of ever getting there.

If I chose hearing, life would be reduced to a soundtrack, bereft of color and of representation, and even the most euphonic and sonorous sounds and melodies would have no Object, and would be meaningless.

If I chose smelling/tasting, then the sweet tastes of summer’s abundance, the smoky scent of fall, the thick porridgey-ness of winter meals, and the fresh smells of spring would simply become the routine ways by which I would know another year had passed.  Without seeing the birds fly south or seeing the early summer sunrise, the seasons would be meaningless.

I suppose that if our Great God created us with just one of these things, we would be perfectly content and expect nothing more. But no.  He created us in His own image, so that when I step out into a green field, I experience the sound of the wind rustling the leaves of the soybeans.  I feel the gentle summer breeze tingle my face and toss my hair.  I see rows and rows of a very deep green, which is made up of so many different greens.  I hear the loud chirping of crickets and frogs both near and far.  I smell the growing beans. I feel the soft earth under my feet and the tall grass stuck between my toes. I see the array of hues in the twilit sky as the clouds lazily drift across the small portion that has been given me to see. I feel the heat of the day coming up out of the ground and warming my sun-touched legs.  I smell the ultimate cleanness of summer life growing up as high as my shoulders all around me. I hear the cry of a bird as she finds her mate at last before the light grows too dim.  I see thousands, perhaps millions of points of light, the fireflies, dancing above the immeasurable vastness of living flora.

And I know. I know that this is good.  I have tasted and seen, and heard, that the Lord is good.

I know I need to remember these sights and these sounds.


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