heav’nly blessings without measure.

Try to separate your idea of “much” from your idea of “many.” ……{take your time.}

You can’t do it. Your mind, and my mind, are stuck in the quantifiable, the finite, the conceivable. When you think of “much” of something, you automatically think, how big is it? how many feet across? how many parts? how far does it go?

But then Ecclesiastes says that He has set eternity in our hearts. Well, we have finite minds and infinite hearts. No wonder I feel like bursting sometimes…

The terribly exciting thing is that these hearts and these minds and these souls are going to be flooded with True Light and drenched in understanding and renewed in every sense of the word. Someday {if we can call them days, we won’t be confined to time either} we won’t have this discrepancy between finite and infinite, between faith and sight.

Someday these longings, the longings I get when I see golden hilltops drenched with sunlight and covered in tall grasses and gentle winds and picnic tables, these longings will be swept up and find their home in eternity. And so much more than that, because this is only a hint, a game, a trace, a single step in the great eternal Dance.

Awake, my soul.  There’s so much on the way.


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