forget the snacking; late-night thoughts.

I’m not usually up until 1:49 a.m.,

and I don’t usually wake up at 5:46 a.m. for sure.

But He keeps calling me to crazy and intense thoughts and prayers at all hours, and it is a precious and exciting thing.

Today was my last day of work. This means that summer’s over. All {at least most} of the people I have spent the last two years treasuring and togethering with and enjoying and studying with and not studying with and exploring with are back at Grace, in that other world. Do you know what kind of emptiness that has been bringing me?  I’m ashamed to say.

And here I go, out into yet another new world, blowing like a little kite on a terribly long string.

But I have finally come to learn, yet again {perhaps still?}, that my God is faithful, and though I’ve heard that since infancy I could now look you straight in the eye and shout it with all the breath in my lungs.  It’s as though the mountains and valleys of Time have been leveled and I can look, both behind and ahead, to find the powerful and living and breathing constancy and unpredictable faithfulness of the God of Heaven looming like a beautiful cloud over the vast plains.  It is Good, and it is Real, and there is nothing of any consequence in any of the worlds I inhabit on earth that can withhold a drop of the downpour of His mercy from those clouds.

I shall surely drown.  And it will be wonder-full.


3 thoughts on “forget the snacking; late-night thoughts.

  1. ah sweet girl … with all my momma’s heart i ache for you and wish you weren’t experiencing even one moment of emptiness; and wih all my momma’s heart i ache, and wish you were back at grace with all your people from the past 2 years. i wish that so very, very much. at the very same time that my heart is aching for you, my momma’s heart also KNOWS that my God is faithful and His understanding is far more perfect than my own. may my God shower you with His sweet perfect peace; the same perfect peace He has showered on me when i was faced with change and unknowns. may you be filled with sweet assurance that your people at grace are still your people; God blessed, and always, no matter what. sweet! love you girlie … i have no doubt that God will continue blessing you with sweetness in every way.

  2. Today, a girl was telling me about how she came to Grace because she wanted to make life-long friendships and how she was inspired by her mom who still talks to her friends from college even though they have been scattered far apart since. I thought of you, because, well, I think you’re a forever friend.

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