i should be in bed.

…yes. I should.  Instead I’ve been up for a few hours catching up on le telephone with my dear mother, and playing ukulele in my dorm’s lobby, and catching up on friends’ blogs.  Which, in turn, inspired me to jot this down before my head hits the beckoning pillow over there. {Wouldja hold on for just a minute?! My head’ll be right there!} Sheesh. Pillows these days.


Life. Is. Huge. I wish I could say it more eloquently than that.  But really,

I’ve been studying Ancient Near East culture, and it is insanely and shockingly different.  Some of the things I’ve learned make me doubt I live on the same sphere called “Earth” that those people did. The traditions and sciences and rituals and ideas and beliefs and language and politics and histories and AHH! It may sound boring to you, but all of a sudden the world has gone from being very big to very big and very old.

So much is happening to me right now. Multiply that times 6 billion, times a handful of thousands of years, and the world becomes a crazy place.

The exciting thing to me is that the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Joseph, the God of Hagar, the God whose Word was in the beginning, the God whose wrath flooded the earth with outrageous amounts of water, whose very words and ideas permeate the Scriptures, who sent His Son to a broken world simply to save it and glorify His own name, who dropped tongues of fire upon the early church, who brought everything together in perfect timing and with perfect eloquence in perfect harmony,

is my God. I call Him Father.  I even say “dear” before I say His name.  He lets me do that.

That, my friend, is enough to keep me awake all night.  It’s enough to keep me dwelling in His goodness and mercy all day.

It’s enough to live every single moment for it.



I wish I were as eloquent as my other blogging friends.  I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

He is so very, very great.


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