put on love.

It’s definitely time for a break. I am so very thankful for this coming few days of respite from the craziness I’m finally experiencing from being a music/pre-med double major. My hands are tired, my eyes are heavy, my back is sore, and my brain is so overworked that everything looks like it’s spelled wrong. Rong. Wrong.

{Ahhh, cue that Frank Sinatra music. [It’s the very end of an extremely long day and I’m finally back in my cozy room.]}

Despite the weariness and the constant need to be everywhere at once and meeting everyone’s expectations, the past few days have been so sweet. I can’t stay out of Colossians, which has been great. It’s all about the preeminence of Christ and how to elevate Him in our relationships with one another.  Golden-copper sunrises, crisp mornings, plenty of apples with peanut butter, walks at twilight—these are some of the grandsome things that have slipped into the cracks and made each day so beautiful.

But I think overall, it has been the constant voice of the Spirit guiding, leading, pointing, convicting, rejoicing, singing, interceding, reminding, bestowing, refreshing, strengthening, encouraging, and rejuvenating. He is teaching me how to put on love, and what would seemingly be a difficult task on my part has become nothing more than His grace covering my half-heartedness to make it whole.

I’m kind of excited about it.

I can’t wait to be home in less than 24 hours.

He makes everything beautiful.

Goodnight. Dwell in mercy.


One thought on “put on love.

  1. i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again … your writings from the heart are beautiful. and real. and i like.

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