lots of knots.

My mind and my heart are spreading a thousand different directions, I’m so tired, I don’t even know anymore.

This has been a day in which I have lost all confidence in myself, and by the marvelous grace of God, found confidence in His strength. Because that’s really all I have anymore.

I wish I could articulate to myself, much less to you {no offense} what this music is doing to my emotions, and what my weekend did to my heart, and what these autumn breezes are doing to my skin, and what the Lord Who Bestows is doing to my soul. But I have an early class tomorrow, and my bed looks so cozy.

And right now, I’d much rather just talk to Him about it.



One thought on “lots of knots.

  1. love to you, sweet girl. and hugs to you, from my little corner of indiana. thanking Jesus that you know The Giver of all things. rest in His giving power. xox

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