give reviving.

Oh Lord, you have done what we thought you couldn’t have done….rather, what we never even thought was an option.

You have poured out Your Spirit on the young men and women, on the widows, on the children, on the crippled, on the quiet, on the confused, on the enslaved, on the willing, on the surrendered.

What a beautiful God You must be…we could have never expected the impact a single night could have on our existence.

But we are changed, we will never be the same. Oh Lord, make it so.  Give reviving, give refreshing, don’t let us forget!


All the things I thought were so important are rubbish compared to knowing Christ and enjoying His presence.  He makes life worthwhile, and the things I thought were so vital are not IT. They are windows by which we might catch a glimpse of who He is or what He is doing…

…but now I just want HIM.

Glory to God in the highest!



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