so many doors.

Here’s the thing.

So much is happening right now, I just could never fit it in a blog post, and my fingers would wear out before I could clumsily plunk it out on this keyboard.

So, to be brief,

I just want to say that everything is so beautiful.

Call me hackneyed, call me cliché, but this has been one of the deepest weeks I’ve lived in a long time.  It has been so full of rich colors, savory foods, transcendent melodies, new experiences, unhindered laughter, stirring memories, fresh revelation, deeper understanding, and standing up a little more into my age.  After eight months of wondering why in the world I had to switch schools, everything came together like an intricate puzzle, and I can finally begin to understand what the Lord has for me Here and Now. How could I have been so ignorant before? Hmm.  He is so patient with me.

I love family. I love the church.  I love sweet fellowship with believers. Through all this I see a grand design of people meant to live and breathe and laugh and cry with other people, letting all their gifts come together and form a magnificent clockwork of differently-shaped and -sized cogs and wheels.  I learned so much about this these past few days, and the Lord has been faithfully pulling on my heart using something every day– from an intense night of prayer to a children’s movie {Fantastic Mr.Fox, to be exact}.

And He’s calling me to entirely new ways of knowing Him. Both spiritually and mentally.  There are so many doors and I am dashing through so many of them.  Sometimes I hit the jamb and fall, but it’s such a short moment before I can rise again and run to the next.  There is so much to know and see and explore and feel and understand and grasp. and there is so much to be baffled by, as well.


I am loved

I am loved

I am loved

and that is enough for me.



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