fills all.

When I start to doubt, the Lord reminds me freshly of how wonderfully everything He is.

I’m sitting upstairs wanting a hug, because a hug just sounds like a lovely thing to have right now.

And the sweetness broke over me:

“I am the fulfillment of every good thing you have ever wanted.”

The protection and bigness of Dad hugs.

The familiarity of Ian hugs.

The concern and tenderness of Mom hugs.

The devotedness of Amber hugs.

The understanding of Brook hugs.

The laughter of Lauren hugs.

The shared experience of Dave hugs.

The lovely abandonment of Matthew hugs.

The thankfulness of Evan hugs.

The shared admiration of Jenny hugs.

The comfiness of Seth hugs.

The equality of Sarah hugs.

The humility of Christine hugs.

The excited expectancy of Kirsten hugs.

{eph 1.22-3}

And God placed all things under {Christ’s} feet and appointed Him to be head over everything for the church, which is His body,

the fullness of Him who fills everything

in every way.


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