hi again.

Oh, me oh my oh. I have so missed this.

The Lord does things we never expected Him to do. They are SO good, but they are not expected.

Every time I think I’ve got His character pegged, He shows me yet another side of life. Of the way He works and moves, and fills, and restores, and completes, and finishes, and begins.

Begins. Oi.  There have been so many absolutely crazy beginnings in my life in the past few months. I wish with all my heart that I could convey the magnitude of that statement to you, but it would be impossible in written or spoken word.

It’s just…ah. The world keeps widening, life is expanding – it’s as though every single day were the concurrence of all things, because of this incredible dance happening all the while between beginnings and ends, between my good and His glory. It’s so beautiful, sometimes I think I’m going to burst. Sometimes I do.


And today, like many {most} other days, I realize that I was wrong about so much.  The Lord constantly shows me the way things really are, bit by bit {and sometimes, in extra-big doses. yeeoow.}. And isn’t it glorious that all of that falseness, and misconception, and shadow, gets burned away? Sometimes that can be so awful. Because I can really pour my heart into the things that I think are going to last, and when they get burned, I get burned.

But the Balm of Gilead comes, and just as quickly as the burns come, He soothes with His love and His rejoicing.  His peace He leaves. Sorrow comes in the night, and joy in the morning.


Oh, gosh, friends. It sounds like such a heavy thing. But please let me convey the peace, the joy, and dancing, that is in my heart. These are not desperate times for me. At least, not now. These are good days.

And even though tonight was simply dreadful, and NOT the way I thought it was going to be {in fact, just the way I hoped it wouldn’t},

He is doing such good things.  And you know, I’m good with that. Mmhmm.


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