{Well, look here! Two posts in one 24-hour period. Juices are beginning to flow again, I s’pose.}

I am finally un-grasping all of the small, silly channels of thought that have been burrowing me deeper into I-don’t-know-what. In a search for True Truth I forgot a lot of things. A lot. At the top of the list is the joy of relationship with the God I’m exploring and searching for.  I don’t know what I was thinking – that He would keep Himself from me until I figured out the next step, like a cruel scavenger hunt? That I couldn’t experience the depth of His love and mercy and grace while I was seeking to discover what those really meant?


I’m seeking, O heavens, yes, always seeking. But seeking from a point of disillusioned idealistic optimism is not the starting point that provides Hope, or even any semblance of discovery.

When he said, “taste and see that the Lord is good,” I can’t believe that he meant “search out this supreme God on an empty stomach, and put on your seatbelt ’cause it’s going to be a terrifying trip of confusion, unrest, and disunity.”  Maybe it’s more of an “open your heart to abundantly, exponentially more of the God you thought you knew as He calls you into deeper fellowship with Himself and reveals the Idea of His grace, mercy and love by imparting them to you in the most profound ways possible–”

I can’t find Him without


{duh, Elizabeth}


And the freedom I’m finding in that today makes all my cells flitter and dance in the light of a glorious and well-timed revelation.


2 thoughts on “ungrasping.

  1. Well worth the wait Miss Morley. I have to admit I was beginning to think the world was flat again and you fell off the edge of it :] Thank you yet again, for sharing your inspirationally raw yet serene glimpses of our Savior.

  2. Good to see you are blogging again. Refreshing to read, that’s for sure. It makes me think of the joy in embracing a lovesick heart for Jesus. God is teaching me that it is not about connecting with a spiritual idea or theological concept or even the Bible, it is about connecting with a man who flung Himself into our flesh 2,000 years ago. That Man, that human being with real hunger pains and tears of sorrow and joy in the same 24 hours, is the one I am connecting with, not some spiritualized version of Him. It’s only fruitful to savor and linger in communion with this Man, person and real being. I am going to go meet with Jesus right now, your words have provoked me 🙂

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