what a coincidence.

Six posts in 2011. I’m sorry.  I hate New Years’ Resolutions…it’s inadvertent, I promise.


If you know me, you know I love to see the bright side of things.  I think I temporarily lost that ability this year. It has been a long year of contemplation, grey skies, shaded woods, and deep waters.  Judging through my rose-colored glasses, I jumped into a depth over the height of my self-protected stature.  A lot of nice little pretty ideals that can’t survive without the syrupy sweet air above, never resurfaced.  It taught me something:

All my life it’s been a sickness-recovery pattern. Have a problem, fix it. Bam. Done.

That ain’t life.

The God of Life, the Truth, the Joy-giver, the Establisher, the Perfecter, doesn’t just end my problems, brush His hands, and walk off.  He digs His fingers down deep into the soil and plants things.

He plants gardens and woods and rainforests and hillsides and valleys and fields that will bear flowers and fruit and grain when He bleaches with sun and waters and nurtures and prunes.

Those plants


and quake

and begin to wither

and groan for redemption

and blow

and bend

and flood

and burgeon

and wait, wait, wait.

And somehow… Hungry will come and be satisfied.  Children will see and wonder.  Elderly will look and remember.

What if there weren’t a God of Growth, and Life, Life Abundant?  {trust me, I asked that question more than once this year.}

I don’t think He would be God.  Certainly not mine.

Thank God He’s Life.


{there’s a heck of a lot to life, and if you disagree then shut off your screen and find it, because it took me a year but it’s THERE i swear.}


One thought on “what a coincidence.

  1. Love it! And, I love YOU! After reading, just minutes ago, another post from a friend who seems to be traveling farther from her relationship with her Lord, as a result of the difficulties of the past year that so many of us have gone through, your blog of finding God to be faithful and patient is a wonderfully refreshing and hopeful message. Thanks so much for being you, and for being all you have meant to me for as long as you have. Our God is great, and He loves us in ways that aren’t like ways that we expect in earthly terms and from an earthly perspective. He loves us in ways that are His and His alone, ways that are not easily understood by those who aren’t His.

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