little did we know.

So many beginnings, so many endings.

When you are young, you can only imagine that your life will always be just how it is, only better and way more AWWWesome. When I was ten years old, high school seemed a magical place where all everyone did was be cool and pull pranks and go on dates. My small mind unwittingly assumed that I would want all the same things my ten-year-old heart desired, which was often no more than 3 more inches of snow on the sledding hill or scoring the last green Pop-Ice out of the freezer on a scorching summer afternoon.

When you are older, it’s still hard to imagine that your desires will change along with your circumstances.  How could I anticipate being very thankful that I had to transfer colleges? Really.  My small mind thought I would always carry regret around.  And I just read my very first blog post, from two years ago.  Little did I know.

Here’s the thing. I’m doing it now. You probably are, too. Little do we know.

Man, the God of Coming Out of Nowhere has done it again.


“Behold, I AM making all things new–don’t you see it??”


It’s been quite the year. I lost a lot but I gained a lot.  I ran and leapt and sang and…fell. And broke, and crumbled, and cried. Didn’t we all.  It’s going to be different in a differently different way than you’re expecting now.  That, my friend, is worth waking up tomorrow to see.

So many beginnings, so many endings. But so many beginnings.


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