dear elizabeth,


Kindly disrespect that stupid emptiness.  Love the despised.  Adore the strangeness and the difference.  Accept nothing less than the truth.  If you must forget anything, don’t forget a fellow person.

Don’t flee the tension, tighten it.  Empathy’s your gift: use it the right way and the right amount.  Bleed for people, but remember someone Else did that too.  Straighten the twisted.  Let your hands be gentle and your words be few.

Usher in tomorrow. Ex non nihilo.  Soft hearts hurt easily but Know more deeply.  It’s supposed to be that way.

For God’s sake, love!  Plunge into it, wallow in it, let it crush you.  Mourn when you don’t have it.  Realize that you can’t make a bloody bit of sense without it.

 Make the music, let the waters dance like you wouldn’t let them before.
And rejoice in it all.
A Wiser Elizabeth.

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