have a little faith.

empty things happen when small matters become the world.

it’s like walking into an art gallery with gum on your shoe, and the whole afternoon that could have been spent taking in those magical Monets was spent sticking to the floor and hating it. maybe this is a bad example, but i think you know what i mean.

so much is happening these days.  when I now read back over posts that i’ve written over the past three years, it seems that I have always felt this way…

“little did i know!’

or something like

“exponential growth”

or maybe

“I can’t even believe this is happening to me.”

but in the midst of this Beauty bursting all over my head and spilling onto my hands and getting stuck to everything I see and do,

i often still find the one stupid piece of gum on my shoe.  and it can ruin my perspective of the whole art gallery. and it can also ruin that poor janitor’s night who has to go around under all the Impressionists and scrape Orbit off the hardwood floors.

things like biology labs and wallets lost aren’t Life itself.  they are perhaps means to Life, and Life can be found in them (of course).  but life does not simply consist of them. there is a whole gallery of beauty to behold.

have a little faith.

hehe. i found a note i wrote three springs ago:

“my dreams are molehills next to the mountains of Your Reality.”

yeah. the gum on the shoe in the midst of the Beauty, the exponential, the laughing disbelief of the magnitude of the Goodness. and then the mountains of Reality that loom miraculously, ever-approaching, when i stop sticking to the floor, and i kick off my shoes, and i dance.

have a little faith.


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