probably. 1.29.14

IMG_4448I should be studying for my Systemic Disease midterm because the second year optometry students say it’s a doozy.

I should also probably have worn a coat today, because unlike the past week of sun and balmy air, it’s quite foggy and chill and a little moody out today, and we’re walking home tonight.

I should also probably not be sipping this caffeine because I’ll be up all night and I have class to learn skills in the job of my dreams tomorrow.

I should also probably be writing my next post for the project I’m doing with my sister-in-law. Who’s great.

I should also probably have worn rain boots. Every day.

I should probably call my curly-headed babe of a friend because I need to hear about all the schemes she’s got up her sleeves for the wedding of the century.

I should probably stop looking at life like a bunch of lifetimes, and start accepting the fact that Life is one grand picture with so many fine, terrifying, and marvelous facets that you can feel like an old woman after only 24 years of life. And that this might be normal in people like us.

I should probably tell you that it’s been a year since I wrote and I never knew things could change so much for the so much better. But they do. And they will. And they just won’t stop.


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